Everything about the HAN Solarboat

The HAN Solarboat is a solar powered boat. This boat is being worked on by enthusiastic students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences and professionals of QConcepts. Not only do they develop the prototypes, but they also compete in national and international races. Want to join the team? There’s always a place in the race team for motivated people. We also offer a wide variety of internships and the possibility to work on projects related to the HAN Solarboat.

The HAN Solarboat

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HAN Solarboat


The boat is 5.8m long and its width is 1.60m.



The boat weight, including pilot, is about 180kg.



The pilot needs to wear a life jacket. The life jacket can be inflated by manually pulling a wire.

The pilot needs to have a navigation license.


Solar panels

The solar panels provide just as much power as the amount of power that a coffee machine uses.

Join the team!

The HAN Solarboat team is always in search of enthusiastic people to come and join our team. We offer a wide variety of internships and the possibility to work on HAN Solarboat related projects. Not looking for an internship or a project, but you do want to come and join the team? A place in the raceteam might be something you’re looking for. The only thing you need is a passion for solar boat racing.


The HAN Solarboat is being built and maintained by students of the HAN University of Applied Sciences. As an intern you’ll be helping the HAN Solarboat achieve its next success. Curious as to what an internship at the HAN Solarboat has to offer?


The HAN Solarboat is being built in IIME’s workshop in Doetinchem. There you’ll find all the tools necessary for developing prototypes.


You’ll receive support from professionals.

Internship allowance

You’ll receive an internship allowance.

Public transit

IIME is a 5-minute walk from the Central Station Doetinchem.


Want to be part of the HAN Solarboat Raceteam? There’s always a spot open for enthusiastic people! As a member of the race team you’ll apply, but also gain, a lot of knowledge. You’ll also participate in national and international races. As a member of the raceteam we expect the following from you:


You’ll be working in a team, so we’re looking for real teamplayers.


Even though you’ll be working in a team, we do expect you to also be independent when needed.


You’re not the type to wait for something to happen.

Technical knowledge

You have technical knowledge that you can apply.


You’re available to partake in the races.


You are available to meet up twice a month on the Wednesday evenings in Doetinchem

stress immunity

You’re immune to stress.

Driver’s license

You have a driver’s license (not necessary, but an advantage)


Not looking for an internship, but you do want to work on the HAN Solarboat? You can also start a solarboat related project here at IIME. Got a project in mind?


The results of the races the HAN Solarboat partook in.